Transportation Services

The transportation industry is ever changing and R3 helps to navigate the process. We are dedicated to provide expert services to facilitate ongoing business for corporations and offer customized transportation solutions for their international employees visiting North America for business trips. Our goal is to help corporations make their employees focus on business rather than driving. We also help to transport the elderly individuals on Medicaid and other entities in the healthcare field.

Your corporate account with us will provide you priority access to our services. We take risk and release business from liability. We provide safe, economical and appropriate transportation to the international visitors for short or long term work arrangements, whichever is most appropriate and economical for their requirements.

Left side driving or right side driving, don’t worry, we will take care of you. No matter it is snowing or raining our Chauffeurs are ready to pick-up / drop-off. No valid license to drive in USA, no problem, we are here to help you. Our goal is to help corporations or individuals focus on business rather than driving.

Whatever your transportation needs are, we’ve got you covered.

We offer wide variety of transportation services and can assist in:

  • Airport Shuttles, Train & Bus station pick-ups / drop-offs
  • Out of Town Trips
  • Daily commute to work
  • Shopping, Dining, Socialization
  • Hospital Visits
  • Luxury services to the award ceremonies, weddings and bachelor parties.
  • Transportation for the individuals/elderly
  • And any adhoc trips
  • Pay per trip package – Regardless of the number of stops, trip within 25 mile radius and the total trip is within an hour, the chauffeur must obtain a signature on the duty slip to ensure the trip has ended.
  • Pay per Day – A maximum of four trips per day, up to 28 trips per week. Pay per Day is only the charges for the days these services are utilized by and will not be charged for those days within a 24 hr prior notice to cancel.
  • Customized Trips – Charge/mile based on the total distance and driving time. Usually the distance is above 25 mile radius. $30 charge for an additional individual.
  • Weekly Package 1 – 16 local trips/week.
  • Weekly Package 2 – 26 local trips/week.
  • Weekly Package 3 – 36 local trips/week.
  • Waiting Time – waiting time will be charged at $20 per hour.
  • We work for your best interests.

Housing Guidelines:

R3 furnished housing adheres to the Basic Furnished Housing Guidelines. Housing provided will also meet quality rating of at least A or 90% from international industry standards.

  • Tenant is required to sign a lease agreement, if staying longer than 6 weeks, prior to moving in. The Tenant is required to follow terms and conditions of the lease agreement.
  • Advance payment as a security deposit is required upon signature of the lease agreement. First month rent will be prorated on a per day basis based on when tenant moves into housing during that month.
  • One week advance notice of Housing Request / Cancellation of Lease or Extension of stay is required. All of these requests must be sent via email to If one week’s notice is not received, tenant will be charged continuously.
  • Furniture replacement – We will replace furniture every 4 years or as required per the inspection. Inspections will be completed by property manager immediately after every tenant checks-out of the facility. If furniture is required to be replaced, it will be replaced prior to a new tenant checks into the facility.
  • If a tenant stays longer than 6 weeks, the individual is to stay at that specific location for the duration of their lease assignment. Any requests by individuals to be moved to another location within the term of the lease agreement needs to be pre-approved.
  • Keep rental property in good condition – The tenant shall keep rental property clean, good order and in sanitary condition. Upon termination of the lease, the tenant shall surrender the rental property in the same condition as the rental property was given. The tenant is responsible for the care and maintenance of the apartment inside and outside.
  • The following are strictly prohibited in the apartment premises:
    •  No Vandalism
    •  No Littering
    •  No Dumping of garbage on patio/porch
    •  No Loitering
    •  No Smoking inside apartment
  • If tenant is not comfortable using Microwave, Iron Box, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Washer, Dryer, TV, Cable box etc., please refer the user manuals for instructions.
  • Stop Global warming and turn off the lamps that are not required. Before the tenant leaves the apartment for the day, he/she needs to make sure to turn off all the lamps and shut-off all water taps. Abnormal usage of utilities is subject to charge tenant.
  • Duplicate Keys – If the tenant forgets OR loses the keys and requests to open the door, the maintenance person needs an Hour time frame to get the key and open the door. Tenant will be charged $40 for each visit. Tenant can obtain a duplicate key at a cost of $10.

Custom Trips

  • Exclusive car and a driver at your scheduled time.
  • Door-To-Door service. We will pick up from your home and drop you right in front of your terminal gate.
  • If you are travelling with your family it costs much cheaper than airport shuttle.
  • Need to know addresses 24 hours before your pick-up and drop-off.
  • We will keep track optimal and faster route to save your time.
  • Based on the request, Kids car seats are provided – Infant / Toddler / Booster seats are available. No extra charge.
  • Upon trip confirmation we will provide you a scheduled driver name and his cell phone number, so that you can directly talk to the driver. We also need your cell number to pass it on to the driver.
  • If you are late you have to pay a very nominal waiting time charge. We understand these delays are not in your control so we will not charge for the first one hour waiting time.
  • Your trip charges include Gas / Parking / Toll / Tips. So there are no hidden costs.

Local Trips

  • A Local Trip means anywhere in a city one-way transport within 25 mile radius AND up to 1 hour time of pick-up, if it exceed, each 25 miles or each 1 hour is treated as separate local trip.
  • Sign on only those trips you have actually traveled. If any inappropriate signature is found, immediately your services will be cancelled and problem will be escalated.
  • Sign on only one line even if more than one employee traveled together as a group. Signing on multiple lines will be treated as misuse of R3 Services and may lead to cancellation of our services immediately.

Customers Comfort, Satisfaction & Safety is our first priority. Taking this point into consideration, all our R3 vehicles are always maintained in excellent condition and Insured. We have wide variety of vehicles so that we give an option to customer to choose according to their preference.
Below are the principles we follow for all R3 vehicles:

  • All vehicles are in excellent condition, clean and very well maintained.
  • All vehicles are automatic and comes with air conditioning, AM/FM radio/cd players.
  • All vehicles have Air bags and anti-lock brakes. Safety checks are performed on regular basis.
  • R3 own several new vehicles and upon request R3 can also lease vehicle and provide transportation.
  • Ideal for highway and city driving.
  • Child seats are accommodated. The best way to protect Kids in the car is to put them in the right seat, at the right time, and use it the right way.
  • We have an Insurance coverage of $2 Million per person, per occurrence.

Customer Guidelines:

  • We designate a dedicated driver for each request to take care of your travel needs.
  • Transportation is available daily between the hours of 6am and 10pm CST, with the exception of transportation to and from the airport. For flights, flight information should be provided to the driver 24hrs before arrival / departure.
  • We monitor flight arrivals / departures online based on the flight information provided. If flight time is changed another car will be arranged for the new time without additional charges. If the service is cancelled without 24hr notice a cancellation fee will be charged. If flight arrives but no show up without 24hr notice the entire trip will be charged.
  • Any Exceptional travel must be pre-approved.
  • Transportation requests outside of regular transportation hours can be accommodated on a pre-approval basis within 24hrs advance notice.
  • At least one hour advanced scheduling is required for daily pick-up/drop-offs to allow enough time for the driver to reach pick-up/drop-off location.
  • Customer must fix the daily schedules with the driver and any exceptional changes need to be notified in advance to the driver. Pick-up / Drop-offs are not guaranteed without prior scheduling.
  • Individuals discontinuing transportation services must provide one week advance notice for cancellation. Requests to discontinue transportation services must be sent via email to
  • Signing of travel log is required for only those trips already travelled. R3 has the right to cancel services if travel log is not used appropriately and with inappropriate signatures or inaccurate travel information.
  • Please sign on travel log for only those trips actually traveled. If any inappropriate signatures are found, our services will be cancelled immediately and the problem will be escalated.
  • Please sign on the travel log on only one line even if more than one assignee traveled (as a group). Signing on multiple lines will be treated as misuse of R3 Services and will lead to cancellation of our services immediately.
  • In the event of reserving a block of trips on a pay-per-trip basis, each authorized trip will be charged, whether the trip is actually used, unless timely notice of cancellation is giving as set forth in this Section.
  • Trip Delays –  Delays are expected due to the road constructions or severe weather. Unfortunately there is nothing our drivers can do, so please plan for this accordingly. If customer knows they need to be somewhere at a certain time R3 encourages them to plan ahead so that they can be there on time.
  • If you are unable to contact your driver on phone please leave a message. If you have not heard back from driver within 15 minutes, please call R3 office. FYI, it is illegal to talk over cell phone while driving.
  • Our driver will wait up to 15 minutes to show up after reaching the desired pick-up location. After 15 minutes if the customer doesn’t show up, we have the right to cancel the trip; not showing up will still be considered as a trip and the assignee has to sign / pay for it.
  • Please use our services only when required. In case of any misuse, our services will be discontinued immediately.

Driver Guidelines:

Drivers need to meet all the license requirements in the states that the service is provided.

  • Trip sheets –  Submit the trip sheets to office every Monday to avoid any delay in invoicing.
  • Customer  paperwork – Is due for the submission to the office no later than one business day after the customer has arrived. This is extremely important information for invoicing as well as being able to contact the customers.
  • Customer  Guidelines – Provide one copy of guidelines to the customer and take their signature on other copy and bring it to the office.
  • Returning keys, cell phones, and feedback forms – We need these returned within one business day of the visitor’s departure!

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