Cellular Services

Stay Connected, Always.

Cell Phone Rental with R3 enables the international business and leisure travelers to stay connected with just one cell phone number for their business, families, and friends from the United States. You can travel across the country and still keep in touch with people anywhere in the US. With our cell phone rentals, you benefit from low cost call rates while in the USA!. R3 can provide Cell phones with unlimited calling plans within US.

Immediate Benefits

  • US local number.
  • No Monthly Plans, No Activation Fees, No Minimum Usage Requirements and No hidden costs.
  • Best cell phone network.
  • Quality handsets from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or similar.
  • Unlimited calling within US.
  • No call back service. Get connected right away with great reception.
  • 5 Star Customer Service. Guaranteed!!
  • Cell Phones can be delivered and returned to and from any place you stay in the US with a nominal delivery fee.
  • Insurance included in the price to cover equipment damage above $50.

Package 1: Pay Per Day

  • Minimum One-day rental


Package 2: Pay Per Month

  • Charges will be calculated on pro-rated basis i.e. calculate one day price based on the 30 day rate and apply to those days in that month.

Cell Phone Guidelines:

  • Cell phone & charger will be given up on arrival and taken back just before departure.
  • Making International calls, accessing internet and sending text or video messages are not allowed.
  • Don’t register the cell number for any long distance or international calling services. If they do so without the PIN or their personal details we may not unregister. We will charge extra for our time to unregister.
  • Be aware to call any toll free numbers (ex. “1-800” or “1-866”) from your land lines. Calling Toll free numbers from cell phones will utilize the cell phone plan minutes.
  • Must return cell phone and charger on the last day of service.
  • Insurance minimum deductible up to $50 / damage incident. The deductibles are directly billed to the customer.
  • To access voice messages, enter last 4 digits of cell phone number as the PIN.
  • R3 Services is not responsible for deletion / storage of voice messages.

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