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Enjoy the ultimate living experience with all the conveniences of our full service community offers. Our Corporate Homes ensure residents a lovely, peaceful setting filled with endless comforts and conveniences. Our goal is to set your mind at ease and make your life easier. Your satisfaction is important to us. We are committed to provide responsive service with carefully maintained communities you would be proud to call your home.

Accommodations for the Best

We take pride in our customers by providing clean, spacious accommodation at affordable prices and ensure that our customers are always satisfied. As you deserve the best – a warm, respectable and trusting environment – and that is what awaits you at R3 Services! We ensure that your stay is pleasant and hassle free. Call us today for a tour and reserve your service package!

“First Class Services are Nearby You.”

Call us today for a tour and reserve your service package!

  • Lowest prices in the town!
  • Clean & spacious housing – all utilities included.
  • Beautiful and Safe property.
  • In-house laundry, Heat / AC, fully equipped kitchen & more!
  • Phone with unlimited local, national and International calling to over 60 countries including India.
  • Cable-TV, Internet access with Wi-Fi.

Housing Packages:

  • PACKAGE 1: Furnished Corporate Housing with out utilities
  • PACKAGE 2: Furnished Corporate Housing with utilities
  • PACKAGE 3: Weekly Rentals
    • Furnished with utilities & housekeeping
    • Furnished with utilities, housekeeping & breakfast
  • Optional Packages:
    • Welcome Package – One time, spices good for one week
    • House Keeping Package – Additional housekeeping rounds
    • Technology Package – Includes Computer desk, Desktop computer with LCD monitor and speakers.
  • *Rents are calculated on pro-rate basis i.e. calculate one day price based on the 30 day rate and apply to those days in that month.
  • *Utilities included in the cost of the rent are – Cable, Internet, Phone (unlimited local and international calls), Water, Natural Gas, and Electricity. Adding cable channels or subscribing to any pay-per-view will be billed directly to the tenant.

Housekeeping package Guidelines:

  • Prompt service will be provided twice a week.
  • Additional services calls will be charged extra.
  • Housekeeping will not be provided if the stay is less than 3 days in a week since the apartment was cleaned thoroughly before their arrival.
  • Weekly housing will be done on every Mondays and Thursdays.
  • If the house keeping day falls on a National Holiday the service will be provided the following day.
  • House Keeping staff will be available from 9am – 4pm during the week; No services provided on Sat, Sun & holidays.

Leases offered:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually
  • OR Custom lease until your stay

Rents are calculated on pro-rate basis.

Living Room

  • Fully accomplished Living & Dining area.
  • Telephone, LCD TV & DVD Player.
  • Couch and Loveseat for seating.
  • Dining table & Chairs along with side tables.
  • Desks, Desk lamp & Chair.


  • A complete Kitchen along with Dinner set.
  • Microwave oven, Stove, Vacuum cleaner.
  • Glassware, Coffee maker, Toaster.
  • Cutlery & Stainless Steel sets.
  • Complete crockery and Utensils serves minimum four members.


  • Standard Double/Queen size bed.
  • Comforter or Duvet or Bed spread.
  • Flat sheets, Pillow covers & Fitted sheets.
  • Table stands & Night Lamps.
  • Table clock, Dresser & Closet


  • All standard accessories Bathmat, Rug.
  • Toiletries, Hand wash, Bath soap.
  • Bath Towels, Hand Towels.
  • Fabric Shower Curtain, Shower Curtain Liner, Window Curtains, Waste Basket etc. .

Housing Guidelines:

R3 furnished housing adheres to the Basic Furnished Housing Guidelines. Housing provided will also meet quality rating of at least A or 90% from international industry standards.

  • Tenant is required to sign a lease agreement, if staying longer than 6 weeks, prior to moving in. The Tenant is required to follow terms and contingents of the lease agreement.
  • Advance payment as a security deposit is required upon signature of the lease agreement. First month rent will be prorated on a per day basis based on when tenant moves into housing during that month.
  • One week advance notice of Housing Request / Cancellation of Lease or Extension of stay is required. All of these requests must be sent via email to manager@r3uniq.com. If one week notice is not received, tenant will continue to be charged.
  • Furniture replacement – We will replace furniture every 4 years or as required per inspection. Inspections will be completed by property manager immediately after every tenant checks-out of the facility. If furniture is required to be replaced, it will be replaced prior to a new tenant checks into that facility.
  • If a tenant stays longer than 6 weeks, the individual is to stay at that specific location for the duration of their lease assignment. Any requests by individuals to be moved to another location within the term of the lease agreement must be preapproved.
  • Keep rental property in good condition – The tenant shall keep rental property clean and in good order and sanitary condition. Upon termination of the lease, the tenant shall surrender the rental property in the same condition as the rental property was given. The tenant is responsible for the care and maintenance of the apartment inside and outside.
  • The following are strictly prohibited in the apartment premises:
    • No Vandalism
    • No Littering
    • No Dumping of garbage on patio/porch
    • No Loitering
    • No Smoking inside apartment
  • If tenant is not comfortable using Microwave, Iron Box, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Washer, Dryer, TV, Cable box etc., please refer to user manuals for instructions.
  • Stop Global warming and turn off the lamps that are not required. Before the tenant leaves the apartment for the day, he/she needs to make sure to turn off all the lamps and shut-off all water taps. Abnormal usage of utilities will be charged to tenant.
  • Duplicate Keys – If the tenant forgets OR loses the keys and requests to open the door, the maintenance person needs at least one Hour time frame to get the key and open the door. Tenant will be charged $40 for each visit. Tenant can obtain a duplicate key at a cost of $10.

Maintenance and Problem Reporting:

  • All the problems must be reported to R3 Services. Failure to report any trouble with leaking faucets, roofs, hot water heaters, etc., to R3 Services immediately will be considered negligence and any excess costs resulting from this will be charged to the tenant.

Problem Escalation process:

  • Tenant is to fill out the Problem Report form kept inside apartment and report the problem to the assigned R3 Coordinator by calling or emailing them directly.
  • R3 Coordinator will collect the form and inform tenant of a tentative solution and an expected fix date and time within 12hrs of receiving the Problem Report.
  • If there is no response from the R3 Coordinator within 12hrs, the tenant should call the R3 Services office and report the situation.
  • If there is no response within 6hrs of calling the R3 Services Office, an email should be sent to R3.
  • This problem Escalation Process is also followed for any items that are brought to R3 Coordinator’s attention.

Check  Out Policy:

  • All check-out notices must be sent via email to manager@r3uniq.com. No other communication for check-out is acceptable.
  • Once check-out notification is received, apartments will be scheduled for inspection and check-out form will be filled out and signed by both the tenant and an R3 representative. If necessary, digital pictures will be taken to validate the condition of the apartment. Tthe cost of any damage will be recovered from the security deposit, and rest of the amount will be refunded within a week. Keys must be returned before the departure.

 Transportation Services

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